Saturday, March 8, 2008

How To Place Google Ads On The Blogspot Page's are done with creating a blogger account and signing up with the Google Adsense Program. Now you have to place the ads on your blogger pages so that you can display that ads will be displayed on your blogspot pages. All you have to do is just to paste the ad code (i.e. in HTML) to you get when you log into your adsense account in the template. Click on the Template Tab and search for "<-- Begin #s i d e b a r --> d i v i d="s i d e b a r"> d i v id=" s i d e b a r 2"" .
After that line you can paste any HTML code you want in order to display the ads on you blogspot page.

Remember search for the below line at the end of the template.Your code should be between the above line I gave and the below line as you can see.

!-- Begin #profile-container --

If you have any queries just comment on this page itself....ill try to answer your questions.


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