Friday, February 29, 2008

Signup For Google Adsense

After you sign up for a blogspot account, post some topic of your interest (It could be anything like for example you post about your life or you can post some pictures of your favorite actor etc) and then publish that post. After you are done with that you have to sign up for an Google Adsense account. You can do that by visiting

After you signup with Google Adsense Program you will be intimated about the acceptance of your account via email that you have provided after few days. That's it you are on your way to earn money on the internet sitting at your crib. In that email from google adsense you will be given an link to visit. After you visit that link click on the tab's to get your adsense code which is HTML format. All you need to do is that paste that in your browser ( in this case TEMPLATE of blogspot) to display the ads. In the coming post's I will throw some light on how to place the ads in the correct position to maximize your monthly income.